The Skilled-Worker-Shortage Problem Within Europe’s Largest Economy (& How to Solve it)

Breaking the Biggest Recruiting Barriers

The good thing is that these underlying issues are immediately accompanied by potential solutions which involve alleviating legal difficulties that are currently hindering the process of hiring foreign workforce, as well as using HR analytics software to better understand the backgrounds of potential employees.

(Image Source: Osterus)
  • concerns about language barriers and linguistic communication
  • Inability to correctly assess the applicant’s qualifications
(Osterus’ comparison of Spoken Languages between two companies)

Diminishing the Hurdles

A multifaceted approach to this issue can increase the influx of adequate foreign personnel, especially through the following efforts:

  • Simplified and accelerated procedure for domesticating skilled workers.
  • Breaking the communication barrier through language training.
  • Improving the process of talent recognition and the assessment of professional qualifications.
  • Encouraging foreign applicants to prepare themselves better and improve their chances of getting hired

Training Partnerships Between Germany and Foreign Countries

Consistent implementation of the Skilled Workers Immigration Act should act as a catalyst for transnational training partnerships. Migration experts also point out that one of the crucial components of this process is to make skills acquired abroad more easily recognizable.

Automating Talent Recognition and Recruitment Processes

Finding the right person for the job is not a walk in the park, even within ideal environments. Let alone hiring people with more (so to speak) obscure backgrounds and CVs. This is why using handy HR analytics tools can vastly improve the process of talent recognition and the assessment of professional qualifications.

And what can applicants do?

Foreign workers must also do their due diligence and prepare themselves adequately from their end to further improve the cards they are dealt and find employment more easily. We need to make this a two-way street, as currently, it looks more like a cul-de-sac.



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