Neobanks of 2022: How Osterus Became the Workforce Benchmark of Digital Banking

Why Do Neobanks Attract Investors?

The Market of Mobile and Digital Banking

N26 Enters the Scene

  • Accounts: personal and business accounts
  • Accessibility: easy to open account
  • Monthly fees: none — free payment worldwide
  • Chatbot support 24/7: yes
  • Other benefits: Deposit protection, up to €100,000, 0.1% cashback, etc.


  • Accounts: personal and business accounts.
  • Monthly fees: none
  • Accessibility: easy to open online.
  • Loans: yes
  • Investments: yes
  • Hidden fees: none

N26 vs Nubank — Master’s Degree Comparison

Digital Banks of the United Kingdom


  • Products: Checking, Savings, Crypto
  • Monthly Fee: $0 — $17
  • Interest Rates: 0.07% on your savings (US)
  • Currencies: accepts 150 different currencies
  • Use age gate: account for kids aged 7 to 17
  • Other benefits: weekly spending insights


  • Products: Checking, Savings (“Pots”)
  • Monthly Fee: None
  • Interest Rates: None in U.S. / 1.4% (for UK and European cards)
  • Customer support 24/7: Yes
  • Transfer: Free bank transfer within the (UK)
  • Other benefits: Budget and categorize spending

Revolut vs Monzo: Hiring Practices Comparison

Revolut vs Monzo: University Comparison

Through the Looking Glass of Digital Banking

  • Better understanding of the neobanks’ growth based on hiring metrics.
  • Better analysis and benchmarks of a competitor’s workforce.
  • Vital data that can be accessed instantly.
  • Deep insight into work-experience.
  • Deep insight into education and university background.



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