MS and Activision Blizzard: Leveraging the Rise of M&A Activity Within the Gaming Industry

Activision: A History Blighted, But Not Forgotten

Behind a Video Game Publisher’s Iron Curtain

What’s Behind This Uptick in Gaming M&A Activity?

Education Comparison — Microsoft vs Activision Blizzard

So, What’s the Situation with Gender Distribution?

A Peek at Employment History

Creativity Behind the Scenes of Job Experiences

Workforce Data Speaks Volumes Potential M&A Deals

How to Use Osterus AI-Powered Analytics to Make Smarter M&A Deals

  • Analyze portfolio companies and learn about their workforce structure.
  • Learn where they hire from.
  • Find out where the employees went to universities, how much experience they have, how long they stay at one company, etc.
  • Understand which companies are most lucrative to acquire, merge with, or invest in.

The Importance of Assessing Human Capital



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