How Dell vs HPE Workforce-Data Analysis Can Help You Evaluate Your Business Strategy

Signal Through the Noise

By using the Osterus workforce analytics feature to accrete and analyze a wide range of data points that give us a raw overview of Dell’s and HPE’s workforce, we are able to compare the gathered data and put it in a more focused context. This helps us gain tangible insights into how these companies are prioritizing their processes and in which baskets they are allocating their proverbial eggs.

Dell Vs HPE Workforce Data Comparison

Let’s take a quick look at some of the charts and data that show the difference in some of the key metrics between the two companies.

(Chart Source: Osterus)
(Chart Source: Osterus)

Insights Drawn

At a first glance, it seems that there’s not much insightful information provided by the data listed above.

  • the overall number of employees
  • the number of previous companies their current employees worked for
  • the number of attended universities, etc.

Loyalty Vs Expansion

If we take a look at the average number of previous companies the employees worked at before coming to Dell or HPE, we realize that this metric is 26% higher with HPE. Similarly, HPE’s average number of previous job titles exceeds Dell’s by 29%.

Key Takeaway:

If you have a relatively young business that seeks growth and expansion, perhaps you should consider putting employee loyalty to the side for a bit and focus on a more dynamic and pragmatic workforce structure.

Customer-centric or Operation-focused?

Almost 16% of Dell’s employees are Account Managers — individuals who offer product and service customer support, maintaining and expanding existing accounts. HPE’s account managers make up only 4.4% of its workforce — a third that of Dell’s. They also have more than twice as many Project Managers and Managing Directors when compared to Dell, indicating that HPE has a higher and more robust chain of command.

Key Takeaway:

More-established businesses tend to invest heavily in keeping their vast customer pools satisfied in order to maintain brand reputation.



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